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Increased computer time could lead to neck and back pain

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  • Date: 24 Nov 2020
Young Businesswoman Suffering From Neckache

A lot of people are spending more time in front of computer screens because of the pandemic — often working from home in makeshift offices.

Now, local chiropractors say they are seeing a huge uptick in people coming in with neck and back pain after sitting at kitchen tables, counters, couches and other places.

Tiffany Maciel, a middle school teacher, says the amount of time she spends on the computer for her classes has significantly increased, and it causes her back pain.

“The school day starts at 7:50 and we’re done at 3 o’clock, so I’m on Zoom all day with my students,” said Maciel.

She says it is a change she’s still trying to adjust to.

“I teach special education, so I’m out and about all day,” she explaine. “So now, sitting down is hard. I have scoliosis, so it adds to it because I’m not sitting like I should.”

Dr. Nathan Coles, the owner of Coles Chiropractic in New Bern says bad posture during screen time can cause several issues.

“The extensors in the back here, they work all day long, especially if your computer’s in a bad position,” he explained. “You pull your neck back and they fatigue, and so when they fatigue, that’s just a link in the chain that’s broken, so that’s why we like to strengthen the deep flexors, so that they’re able to support that big bowling ball on our little necks.”

He says if these habits are not corrected, it could lead to long term problems.

“Over the long term, you’re going to find that it’s going to increase your risk of degenerative joint disease, arthritis, even digestive issues from leaning forward and crowding the intestines, even psychological issues,” Coles continued.

Coles also recommends taking breaks every 20 to 30 minutes and exercising between screen time sessions. For now, Maciel says getting up and walking around on the breaks she has will help relieve some of the aches and pains.

“I’m hopeful that more physical activity throughout the day will help with my back pain,” said Maciel.